Dr. Kurt Avery, DVM with puppiesAfter moving into the Rockwall community, Dr. Kurt Avery, our Chief of Staff, quickly identified his vision for becoming more connected with the local community. A coffee house idea turned into the early concept of a veterinary practice to be located in the center of the community that he calls home. This dream, became a reality in the summer of 2008. Since then, it has grown into a 6000 sq. foot, full-service veterinary hospital with complete medical, surgical, and pet lodging services (including eight spacious suites).

Special attention was given to convert the traditional treatment area concept into a cutting edge dental medicine wing. Although Dr. Avery grew up in California and attended Cal Poly in Pomona, he felt more at home while living in the northern Midwest to complete his degree in Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University.

After visiting the Dallas area many times while in school, he decided that it would be a great place to raise a family and practice veterinary medicine. He is married to Danielle and has four children: Kate, Luke, Emma, and Jett William. The Avery's share their home and lives with a tabby named Jack, a Wheaten Terrier mix named Gabi, and a Golden Lab named Benn, who were all adopted from the Rockwall Animal Shelter.

When not preoccupied with practice ownership, Dr. Avery loves to get his family out on the water for wakeboarding and skiing, but also can’t wait for his children to get a little older so that he and his wife can get back to snowboarding. The Averys are also very involved at Lake Pointe Church where they lead a Life Group on Saturday nights.